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Sanger Auto Body & Paint is here to provide you with quality, hassle free service.  We work hard to get you back on the road in your vehicle as quickly as possible.  Here is a list  of procedures that will help you understand our process:

1.  We will prepare your estimate.  Your signature is required to authorize work.

2.  We will contact your insurance company and begin the paperwork for you. 

3.  Your parts will be ordered and received at our Body Shop.

4. Your vehicle is disassembled and inspected.  Our experienced technicians will sometimes find "hidden" damages during inspection.  We will contact your insurance company if this happens.  If additional work is needed, a supplemental Report is written and approved.  The additional parts will be ordered, if necessary.

5.  Structural and Body repairs are done.

6.  Vehicle is cleaned and undergoes Multi-Step Refinishing Process.

7.  Vehicle is placed in a Cross Draft Paint Booth.

8.  We will reassemble and perform final inspection.

9.  You, our valued client, will be contacted to pick up your completed Vehicle.