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We work with all insurance companies to fix your vehicle.  You have the right to choose where you take your vehicle to be repaired.

The California Department of Insurance Consumer Bill of Rights states that you can pick who repairs your car.  An insurance company may not require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.

You will receive an itemized written estimate for auto body repairs and, upon completion of repairs, a detailed invoice.  The estimate and the invoice must include an itemized list of parts and labor along with the total price for the work performed.  The estimate and invoice must also identify all parts as new, used, aftermarket, reconditioned, or rebult.

Check out your coverage for towing services.  Unless the insurance company has provided an insured with the name of a specific towing company prior to the insured's use of another towing company, the insurance company must pay all reasonable towing charges of the towing company used by the insured.

Be informed about the extent of coverage, if any, for a replacement rental vehicle while a damaged vehicle is being repaired.  Sanger Auto Body will assist you with obtaining a rental car for you if you need one.

Be informed of where to report sustected fraud or other complaints and concerns about auto body repairs.